Aquarium DIY

Aquarium DIY Lights
Aquarium DIY Lights

If your into the aquarium hobby a few years then I am sure you have done some aquarium DIY projects. To me this is what makes the fish hobby so fascinating, is the the DIY projects that come with it. Always looking to make things easier on the cheap. If you are reading this and have an aquarium, I’m guessing you have a few hours a week of free time that a DIY project can improve your fish room or your aquariums. That means your are prime for DIY projects. Whats better than new projects to keep you engaged and wanting to provide the best environment for your aquarium fish.

In this topic arena we will cover all of the Aquarium DIY projects that I have completed and had time to write about. So far I have had time to write about my water change system that saves me 2 hours with more aquariums (and by more aquariums I mean 8 more currently), central air system/ pumps, fish room lighting, etc…

If you have completed a great DIY that will benefit all please contact me at and be a guest blogger to help me and others.

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