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Why I’m Doing this site!

Aquarium keeping has always intrigued me, from the time I was 8 when we got our first fish tank. Sitting there observing the fish swim around, mesmerized wondering what is running through their mind. My father did all maintenance of the tank with limited aid from me, possibly a pain more than anything, but he was about teaching and allowing me to learn. Fast forward 15 years, strolling through a pet store brought back memories of having an aquarium when I was a child. I recall the basics which provided me with adequate knowledge to get started again. It’s been 29 years since my first aquarium, many years with and without aquariums. Now, I have 10 aquariums and room to expand as long as my gorgeous wife allows me.

The concept for this blog came after I opened an online fish store Battle Born Aquatics, it introduced me to another part of the internet (blogs, podcasts, social media) and how challenging it is to get someone to visit your website let alone purchase something. I was naive, thinking “If you build it they will come, ” so I guess having an online fish store is my dream. The dream hasn’t concluded; it has just opened new windows as I learn and build my online store.

  • My passion for aquariums, fish, and all that goes into the aquarium hobby.
  • This will allow me to share my experiences (good or bad) with people just getting into the hobby, those thinking about it, and create an avenue for people learn from the experienced hobbyists.  
  • Continuing my study of the aquarium hobby will encourage me to learn new things as applied to aquariums.

My aim for this blog is to build an environment where individuals of all experience levels can come together and learn from one another.  Check out all the posts on my site with great content.

Comments are encouraged on posts to create a great experience for all, start discussions on post content that will teach someone something.  If you have any questions or comments contact me.

Thank you for visiting!!

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