Aquarium water change system


In an early post, I covered water change basics; frequency to complete, percentage of water to change, and conditioning your water prior to adding it to your aquarium.  In this post, we will cover an aquarium water change system with different options to perform your water change’s; from a few tanks in your living room … Continue reading AQUARIUM WATER CHANGE SYSTEM

Aquarium Water Changes – Freshwater

Siphoning Water Aquarium water changes make the difference for healthy fish, without proper water changes and substrate vacuuming your fish will be swimming in caustic and hazardous water.  Rotting food, fish poo, or plants decomposing can cause ammonia buildup in the substrate releasing into the water column.  Water changes are the most dreaded task of … Continue reading Aquarium Water Changes – Freshwater

Aquarium Cycling- Freshwater

Lots of people want to have their first aquarium, most people don’t understand how to cycle their aquarium correctly. Cycling an aquarium is something that some fish stores fail to inform new customers about. I say this because I was one of these people, when I started. Got it stuck in my head that I … Continue reading Aquarium Cycling- Freshwater

Aquarium Fish Ideas- Selecting your First Fish

Red Wag Platy Aquarium fish ideas and selection needs to be thought out, some species do not agree with each other. Aquarium has been cycled- water parameters are good.  The next step is to run down to your local pet/fish store and select your first fish.  Not so fast!  You sure your water parameters are correct for … Continue reading Aquarium Fish Ideas- Selecting your First Fish